Proud to Support the BWA

Proud to Support the BWA British Wavesailing Association

Developing Champions with the British Wavesailing Association

In 2015 The Mailing Room started its long-term sponsorship of the British Wavesailing Association to help expand the presence of the sport, attract spectators and encourage the involvement of new competitors.

Our sponsorship helps provide vital investment to the BWA, enabling attendance of the youth class representatives and coaches at BWA events, to help develop the next generation of champions and inspire growth long-term.

The Mailing Room is putting youth windsurfing development at the forefront of its BWA objectives and is continually working with the BWA to develop the sport.

“It is in the interest of TMR to assist the BWA in both the elite competition and the efforts to grow UK Wavesailing. I’ve been a passionate amateur windsurfer for over 20 years and it is great to be able to put something back into this great sport. I believe that our support can help the BWA, and Wavesailing in general, reach a wider audience and encourage people of all ages to get involved. Hopefully the sponsorship will help our business and maybe even create an excuse to get me out on the waves more often.” George Bevan, The Mailing Room Chairman

Rhosneigr 2017

Run by wavesailors, the BWA is the competition body for wavesailing and provides information about how to attend an event, try wavesailing or compete in the UK Wave tour. 

Image Right – Rhosneigr 2017 Competition

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