Postal Scales

For increased weight capacity and larger items, our UK calibrated scales help provide accurate postage for letters and parcels. So you can be sure you're always franking the right amount!

Accurate Weighing

Whether or not your franking machine incorporates an integral weighing scale, it is likely your mailroom will require auxiliary postal scales for handling larger items and enabling you to frank every item with the relevant weight and postal rate.

Inaccurately weighed items can lose your company money, with research indicating that incorrect weighing can account for one-fifth of wasted postal costs, so our extremely accurate scales will indicate the exact amount for all types of letters and parcels. You can dispense with postal calculation charts, since your franking machine will tell you the exact franking rate due, speeding up your postal process.

Increased Capacity

Our range of scales will augment franking machines without an inbuilt weighing platform, or where larger, heavier parcels exceed the capacity of the onboard weighing platform. Choose from compact weighing scales up to 30kg, with 1gm increments for extreme precision and a backlit LCD readout for easy visibility in any lighting. Or opt for robust, heavy duty bench checkweighing scales for oversized items up to 150kg, with a pillar-mounted display, wipe-clean stainless steel platform and cast aluminium frame for even weight distribution.