Letter Openers

Help transition post efficiently and cost effectively from envelope to desk.

Efficient & Safe

In busy mailrooms, the manual opening of envelopes can waste time and money, tying up costly staff resources and sometimes causing damage to content. In contrast, our automatic letter openers can process thousands of envelopes per hour, automatically opening a stack of envelopes piled in the feeder tray.

They use innovative cutter technology that prevents mail contents from being damaged, with the blades fully enclosed to protect operators’ fingers. These openers can also process mixed mail of different sizes and thickness without pre-sorting, creating a smooth, feather-edged envelope opening that gives easy access.

Compact & Quiet

Our range of letter openers offers performances to suit most mailroom volumes, with opening speeds up to 40,000 envelopes per hour. We can supply compact desktop models ideal for mid-size businesses and upwards, with low noise operation perfect for a quiet office environment, through sleek automatic models for higher volume applications, to standalone steel constructions with three motors, waste drawer and optional counter/inkjet printer.

Which Opener

If you’d like to find out more about our range of openers, please call 0800 977 8104 and we’ll be happy to help.