Mailroom Equipment

In addition to supplying and servicing a class-leading collection of franking machines, we also offer a complementary range of ancillary mailing room equipment. These can assist and enhance your mailing processes, from top quality letter openers and highly accurate auxiliary postal scales, through automated folder-inserters that maximise the efficiency of your mailing process, to professional document shredders that protect sensitive data from confidentiality leaks and mail and parcel scanners that safeguard you against threats of postal terrorism.

Thanks to our long-standing ties with leading industry name Pitney Bowes and other specialised producers, we can offer top quality equipment, the latest technology and the widest choice of specifications, speeds and price points. As with our franking machines, we provide comprehensive after care and also extend no-fuss repair and replacement cover at fixed prices, removing the need for extra insurance.

Postal Scales

For increased weight capacity and larger items, our UK calibrated scales help provide accurate postage for letters and parcels. So you can be sure you're always franking the right amount!
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Mail Scanners

Screen your incoming mail for suspicious items – and prevent false alarms.
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Document Shredders

For the safety, security, and peace-of-mind of your business, shredders are the answer for destroying confidential paperwork.
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Letter Openers

Help transition post efficiently and cost effectively from envelope to desk.
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Folder Inserters

Fold, insert and seal your mail in one easy operation, to improve your mailing process.
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