Mail Scanners

Screen your incoming mail for suspicious items – and prevent false alarms.

Increased Security

The underlying yet real risk of postal bomb threats and the receipt of unwelcome and hazardous contents in the mail, exposes office staff, particularly those in the mailroom, to unnecessary stress and danger. Our electronic and x-ray mail scanners will safeguard your personnel from injury, damage, disruption or worse by enabling you to see inside your mail and obtain on-the-spot confirmation of unwanted or unexpected contents. Capable of detecting common bomb components and other hazardous items in seconds, our scanners enable you to screen bundles of mail or small packages, bypassing regular metallic stationery items.

Simply Safe

Our compact, desktop electronic scanner will quickly scan mail up to 60mm thick, instantly triggering visual and audible alarms when suspect packages are identified, and it is safe and easy to use, with no emissions or damage to magnetic media. Our larger, slimline x-ray scanners, with Colourscan imagery, readily identify suspect packages, from narcotics and razor blades to bomb components, and are easily operated by simple mouse control; these scanners have very low level x-rays and conform to international safety and radiation standards.