Document Shredders

For the safety, security, and peace-of-mind of your business, shredders are the answer for destroying confidential paperwork.

Increased Security

If you outsource your document shredding or use inexpensive stationery store equipment, you cannot be totally assured that your document integrity will not be compromised. With our range of professional document shredders, you can destroy sensitive material and data, retaining control over how it is recycled or disposed. Our range covers all mailroom requirements from day-to-day office housekeeping to high security shredding for the destruction of classified material, in line with various DIN 66399 requirements.

Improved Shredding

The choice starts from compact deskside models, with an easily emptied dustproof collecting bin, that will process down to 4mm shred size, with various options handling paper clips, staples, credit cards, access cards, IDs and CD-Roms, including the shredding of CD’s into cross-cut confetti particles. Another deskside confidential shredder has a separate cutting head and collecting bin for magnetic media. Whilst our information security models feature durable, precision-engineered components for prolonged high-volume usage, with the option of 3.8mm shred size for higher level security.