Swap Your Old Stamps for New

14 February 2022
Swap Your Old Stamps for New

Following the introduction of barcodes on all regular stamps by Royal Mail, it’s time to use up your existing non-barcoded versions, as after 31st January 2023 they won’t count as postage!

The new barcoded versions allow for operational efficiencies and added security features, with each stamp having a digital twin linked via the Royal Mail App.

To celebrate the launch of the scheme, the barcoded stamps allow you to scan and watch exclusive Shaun the Sheep videos online, as the physical letter connects with the digital world.

If you’re worried about having stamps left over after the end of January cut-off date, Royal Mail are launching a ‘Swap Out’ Scheme on 31st March 2022, which will allow you to swap them for barcoded equivalents. Forms will be available from their website and local Delivery Offices’ Customer Service Points, but not Post Offices.

Of course you could avoid any of the worry and make sure you’re saving up to 29% on every letter sent, by using Mailmark franking, which already benefits from 2D barcoding. Meaning you’d currently be paying 47p on a 2nd Class letter, saving 19p on a 66p stamp, or 13p if sending 1st Class.



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