Meet Vinny

After working in travel, recruitment, car rental and debt management, family man Vinny joined in 2010 as a telesales coordinator, after a chat at a social event...! In charge of Telesales & Retentions, he’s also a team player outside the office, as 10-year club captain and now chairman of his local cricket team, and avid fan of the mighty Clarets.

Favourite quote – ideally by who and possibly why (if it’s not obvious):

“Memories are better than dreams”  or   “Find a way…!”

What did you want to be when you grew up – or maybe still want to be:

As a child I always wanted to be a farmer.

Loves – what makes you happy:

My Family – Loving (and tolerant) Wife Caz and my two beautiful daughters

IN 3 WORDS Likeable, Funny & Loyal Next person  →