Meet Ryan S

Joining the world of franking straight from school in 2013, Ryan started in the MailServe office before moving onto installs and becoming a service engineer with TMR when we acquired them in 2018. As the bass player in indie band Slow Time Mondays, he performs across London & Sussex with the single Everybody Else available on iTunes.

What did you want to be when you grew up – or maybe still want to be: 

I’ve always wanted to be on stage in one way or another and used act a lot when younger, but discovered the guitar at 16 and that’s been the dream since!

Celebrity lookalike – who people think you look like, or maybe who you want to look like:

When I was about 14, I had a shocking haircut that looked like Justin Bieber.

Who would you like to meet – or would have liked to have met (anyone from history is fine):

For a night out, Liam Gallagher. For a quiet meal and proper chat, John Lennon.

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