SAVE 25% with 17p off 2022 Stamps

7 March 2022
SAVE 25% with 17p off 2022 Stamps

Following the announcement of their new stamp prices from Monday 4th April 2022, the latest franking rates provide fantastic savings of up to 25% on stamps.

At only 51p for 2nd Class postage, you can now save 17p on every letter sent using Mailmark franking, compared to the new 2022 stamp cost of 68p. Rising to a substantial 42p saving for every Large Letter (500g) as 2nd Class Mailmark for this popular size is only £1.73, against £2.15 for stamps. Plus £1 off on any franked Medium Parcel!

1st Class Mailmark franking in 2022 now delivers a matching saving of 17p on every standard letter, at 78p against 95p, saving users 55% (6p) more than the 11p discount using Standard franking at 84p. The saving rises to 23p for large letters up to 100g, with Mailmark at £1.22 compared £1.45 for stamps, then more than doubles to 41p for letters to 500g, with Mailmark only £2.24 compared to £2.65 for stamps.

With the Royal Mail guarantee that Mailmark franking is always at the cheapest available tariff, along with the benefits of the exclusive Pre-Pay Reply service to encourage customer response, it really is the simplest way to make the most of your postage by saving your business money… especially as this is the final year for Standard Franking with the end to Non-Mailmark savings.

If you’d like to know more about the new rates, or check your machine is ready for the 2022 rate change, visit our Rate Change section for the latest info.



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