Recycle Ink Catridges to SAVE!

23 March 2021
Recycle Ink Catridges to SAVE!

Be a Hero and RECYCLE your franking ink cartridges!

We all like to do our bit for the environment and recycling is certainly one of the most important ways to avoid plastic ending up in landfill.

Which is why we’ve created our Return & Save scheme to help you become a hero through sending back your empties to help save the planet and your company money.

There’s no catch, you simply send your used franking cartridges to us in the supplied TMR Freepost bag (which comes with every franking ink order) and we sort out the rest, giving you 5% off your replacement ink order to say Thank You when you call our Consumables Team on 0800 977 8098.

CLICK for how to RETURN your empty franking ink cartridges & SAVE

By working together we can help hit the Government recycling targets to ensure that we eliminate plastic waste polluting our planet by 2042, then maybe we can all be proud recycling heroes!

CLICK to find out more about our wider environmental commitment

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