Royal Mail Mailmark™ Franking Tariff

Mailmark Franking is the newest and most efficient franking mark. It supersedes the traditional ‘town and crown’ die with an even faster, machine readable 2D barcode.

Royal mail confirms END of Non-Mailmark franking in 2022

Mailmark™ – what is it?

The privatization of the Royal Mail brought about many changes including the launch of a brand new product with a lower postage tariff than can be achieved via a SMART enabled  franking machine.

This NEW product is called Mailmark and is guaranteed by Royal Mail to be the lowest cost tariff for sending any single franked letter.

The New Generation

Launched in April 2014, (the same years as iPhone 6, The Lego Movie and Happy by Pharrell Williams…) The Royal Mail invested £70m in automating their distribution center’s to allow the reading and tracking of the new Mailmark 2D Barcode.

The barcode contains machine readable information on the user and the mail piece. Royal Mail already captures this information for wholesale and retail customers to provide online reporting and analytics. Royal Mail are working with partners to determine how this information will be used for franking machine customers.

Business Benefits

•    Cut costs as Mailmark delivers the lowest franking price

•    Save time with a completely managed spend for mailing

•    Automatic pricing updates ensure you pay the best rate

•    The correct postage on every item improves efficiency

•    Professional approach with logo on every piece of mail

•    Encourage customer response with Pre-Pay Reply

Do I need a new machine for Mailmark franking?

If you have an older machine that uses the round crown die indicia, such as those alongside, then the answer is YES, if you want to take advantage of the lowest Royal Mail tariffs and avoid the end of Standard Franking in 2022.

By switching to a Mailmark machine you will be guaranteed to pay less for your mail and continue franking in 2023, so why not ask our friendly team about the best option for your business.

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