Where Can I Post Franked Mail?

27 March 2020
Where Can I Post Franked Mail?

Posting your franked mail is easy, even when you’re working from home, as the Royal Mail provides a number of drop-off and collection options.

You can post franked mail at any of the following, just remember to make sure it’s sorted into class, size and destination (click for details) before popping it in a red/green/white franking pouch, or Meter Posting Envelope:

Post Office – currently around 11,500 branches in the UK

Business Mail Post Box (also known as a franked mail post box)

Public Post Box – providing it’s in a Meter Posting Envelope

Royal Mail Centre, Local Enquiry Office or Customer Service Point

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Where can I find a Royal Mail post box?

Royal Mail don’t provide listings, bit with over 115,00 postboxes in the UK and 98.3% of all addresses are less than half a mile from one, so they’re always easy to find.

Guide collection times are below and the display on the box will tell you if the collection has already been made and when the next one is.

Alternatively, the Royal Mail can come and collect the outgoing mail from your premises each day with free weekday collections if you frank over £16,500 a year, or charged regular / one-off business collections for lower spends.

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