MailMark™ will enable users to track mail location and delivery, improve reporting and management of tariffs.

There will be a number of benefits for franking users taking advantage of MailMark™ including a new business reply offering, which you can frank on your machine and send in the post with your letter contents for customers to return to you. This will enhance your responses and help further increase profits.

Franking customers will also benefit from Royal Mail postal price change updates instantly applying on the day of the change which will avoid underpayment surcharges. Additionally users will also be able to relinquish their analogue or fax line as all Mailmark™ compatible franking machines will connect via LAN making life simpler and faster.

With a Mailmark™ compatible franking machine you will also benefit from presenting the most professional image on your mail and you can still add your own company logo and external return address.

Enhanced reporting information via online mail reports will provide customers with real time usage information to keep a closer eye on postage expenditure.

It is expected that users will receive a preferential price and will receive the maximum postal discounts when using a franking machine when accessing MailMark™. The service will be available from April 2014 on certain MailMark™ ready franking machines with access to this being gained by contacting your existing supplier.

Andrew Parmenter, Marketing Manager for The Mailing Room commented; “The introduction of MailMark by the Royal Mail will further show the investment being made in the processing of post for franking machine users. Not only will this bring additional tangible benefits such as improved tracking and reporting, but also further business cost savings.”

“Where applicable, we intend to encourage all franking machine users to convert to this service to ensure that they are ‘future proofing’ their business against further opportunities that MailMark™ will offer”

Further information will be available from early January with regards to machine compatibility and any amended pricing structures. These will be available through the Royal Mail ( or via The Mailing Room, by calling 0800 0192 033 or visiting

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