Accurate information
SendSuite Tracking allows you to gather and store a wide range of information. It then allows you to create reports that show whether your staff and your business are achieving targets or exceeding service level agreements.

High-levels of security
If you’re uncertain or suspicious about an incoming item of mail, SendSuite Tracking allows you to take up to four pictures.

Effective claims for damage
Trying to claim compensation for damaged mail can be a real headache. SendSuite Tracking allows you to take pictures of the mail item in question.

Leading edge technology
The technology used by SendSuite Tracking simplifies deployment, maintenance, and updates as compared to traditional client/server technologies.

Create the reports your business needs
With SendSuite Tracking, it’s easy to undertake extensive analysis of how your business is performing. This is because SendSuite Tracking utilises Crystal Reports, the industry leader in report creation and generation.

Crystal Reports provides the flexibility to create reports tailored to the needs of your business. For example, you’ll quickly and simply be able to access daily reports on, amongst other things:

  • Mail received and mail delivered
  • Damage to mail
  • Route activity
  • Productivity

Stay well informed
No one likes to be asked a question they can’t answer. With SendSuite Tracking, you’ll always have the information you need to:

  • Keep customers, budget holders, your manager and shareholders informed
  • Identify trends so you can respond appropriately
  • Identify best practice so it can be shared
  • Reward, motivate and give accurate feedback to staff
  • Manage costs and budgets so your business stays profitable
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