Address Management

Unsurpassed Mail Preparation

PAF – verified address correction
Standardise address formats to Royal Mail guidelines, correct the spelling of streets, post towns and verify deliverability. Add missing postal data including the delivery point suffix needed for barcoded postal discounts.

Downstream Access
Generate the documentation needed to use TNT Post or UK Mail – significantly reduce delivery times.

List Cleansing
The included Duplication Search tool offers multiple search options and field combinations for precise results. Upgrade to Merge/Purge to combine, compare and eliminate duplicates from disparate list types.

Job Builder
Available with Bulk Mailer Professional, Job Builder allows you to increase productivity by combining a series of template-based tasks into a complete mailing job.

Graphical Mail Piece Designer
Precisely design mail pieces with images, conditional text, barcodes and a smart address block.

Custom address printer support
Custom drivers eliminate the need to manually program high-speed printers.

Options and add-ons
Expand the capabilities of Bulk Mailer as your business’s grows. Add-ons enable Bulk Mailer to meet the most demanding mailing requirements.

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