TMR s3000

Combining all the advanced features of the state-of-the-art s series, the s3000 is the fastest in its class, processing up to 310 letters per minute. It prints custom envelopes with promotional messages, so every mailing is an opportunity to generate revenue.

Streamlined System

The s3000 set a new standard for mailroom performance, integrating processing and receiving into a single streamlined system. In addition to providing a faster way to send letter mail and large packages, it also automates the receipt and management of incoming items, scanning 1D and 2D barcodes, logging received packages and advising recipients via an email notification feature.


An interactive colour touch-screen display enables any authorised user to select the right application from a series of easy-to-follow menus and complete each job quickly and accurately. The s3000 will send and print mail up to 16mm thick, while the standard Weigh-on-the-Way and Dimensions-on-the-Way functions will sort, frank and overprint mixed mail automatically, in one single pass.

Full-Colour Printing

Studies show that colour headlines and graphics on envelopes and packages increase openability by 250%. This system provides complete control over full-colour printing, enabling the user to upload graphics, business logos and promotional messages from any desktop PC, for applying onto envelopes and labels.


  • Streamlined outbound mailing
  • Fastest machine in class
  • Inbound package management
  • Processes mixed weights & sizes
  • Full-colour envelope printing
  • Mailmark and SMART enabled
  • Sets new standard for performance



Letter Processing
up to 310 per min (205 WOW)
Customer Interface
Colour 15" touch screen - detachable
Logo Application
Mono blue/black - Opt Full colour CMYK
Envelope Message
Full control via PC upload - 130x33mm
Product Sheet

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