What are Royal Mail Die Numbers?

21 September 2020
What are Royal Mail Die Numbers?

What is a franking die number?

A franking machine die number is unique to your device and is shown on every franking print you make, just below the postage amount. If you need to find out what your die number is, check your franking mark as it will be shown next to the postage amount.

The name comes from a shaped piece, or mould (= hollow container), made of metal or other hard material, used to shape or put a pattern on metal or plastic, as used in the manufacture of coin etc., where the die number is the identifier for the pressing used.

Why is it important?

It identifies that you have a franking machine from an authorised supplier (that’s us) and a corresponding licence from Royal Mail (which we arrange for you), enabling you to post items at a reduced rate.

As well as a unique franking machine die number, the licence will include:

  • Your business’ name and address
  • Your franking machine’s serial number
  • The name and model number of the franking machine
  • The address where the franking machine will be used (Please note, this location must not be changed without Royal Mail’s consent, so we need to keep your records up-to-date)

What if my licence does not contain the above information?

Simply let our team know and we’ll contact Royal Mail for further investigation, as unfortunately until this is resolved you won’t be able to use your franking machine.

This is often due to a change of business premises, which is easily done when moving, though you must let us know beforehand and we’ll notify Royal Mail to make sure your licence remains valid.

Can the Royal Mail remove dies and devices?

They can, if a user fails to comply with the Royal Mail Franking Scheme,

if the user’s licence is suspended or terminated,

or if Royal Mail’s approval for a specific franking machine model is revoked.

If any of the above circumstances apply, the user will have to provide Royal Mail and its agents access into the premises where the franking equipment is located for removal.

Any of these circumstances are easily avoided, by simply keeping us, your machine and account up to date, though please call if you have any questions.

Keeping your franking machine in good working order!

Under the terms of the licence and your agreement with Royal Mail, it is a legal requirement that you keep your franking machine in good working order. This means having it inspected at least once per year by an ‘authorised independent inspector and maintainer of franking machines’, which we are! For some machines, this may not mean a site visit each year as the service can be actioned remotely, however our team will let you know what’s required.

As well as keeping your franking machine maintained, the impressions produced by your machine must be clear and legible for the Royal Mail sorting system to be able to read the barcode when passing through. To ensure this you must only use Royal Mail authorised inks (for the correct Royal Mail blue), which are available in both OEM and approved compatibles here.

Happy Franking…



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