Don’t Be Like TSB, Be GDPR Ready!

1 June 2018
Don’t Be Like TSB, Be GDPR Ready!

As revealed across the nation’s press and social media today, TSB accidentally sent personal apology letters to the wrong people!

On Twitter, one unhappy customer wrote: “I understand that you’re dealing with a lot of complaints, but can you please stop sending me these letters?

“Also, could you explain why I got letters addressed to 2 different people (with name, address, reference number) included in my sealed envelope???”

Not only is this frustrating for customers and a breach of the new GDPR regulations, but it didn’t need to happen!

The solution is simple, a TMR fr Series folder inserter eliminates mistakes using the latest OMR, 1D or best-in-class 2D barcode scanning technology to ensure only the correct information ends up in the correct envelope.

With the fr Series, TSB couldn’t have sent the multiple letters in one envelope, or confidential customer details to the wrong addressee, as the technology wouldn’t allow it. Potentially saving the reputation of the business, by avoiding bad press, ICO fines and unhappy customers!

If you’d like to know more about how the latest technology could help keep your business reputation safe, simply click here for a call back.

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