The Mailing Room are proud to provide ongoing support to The Swinton Salvation Army Community Church to help in the charities support of vulnerable people in the local Swinton area. Through direct funding provided on an annual basis we are proud to be able to support the various utility programmes run by the community church as they help the most vulnerable in society get back on their feet.

Run by the two local Majors, Michael and Verity West, the charity is committed to helping people with challenging circumstances get a new start in life. Michael and Verity have a deep personal belief in helping those in need and while this inherent compassion is something that comes as second nature to them, they both also believe that helping others is an essential part of their faith. Both Michael and Verity consider it vital that in their roles as ministers of faith they show help through actioning the words of their faith and this is why their work means so much to them. It is through both Majors’ compassion and commitment that The Swinton Salvation Army continues to be such a power for good in the community.

The charity provides support in a range of forms from food vouchers and help with gas and electric bills, to day-to-day help such as access to technology and services that allow individuals for example, to search and apply for jobs. Other support is provided through appeals such as the Easter and Christmas Appeals that aim to give to those who are facing poverty, homelessness, or other challenging circumstances. TMR is proud to be able to support the Christmas Appeal and offer funding towards over 1000 presents for children as well as funds that will help provide food for families. Alongside our work with Fans Supporting Foodbanks and The Greenhouse Project we continue to be committed to providing support to those in the community who are most at risk.

The hub of the Swinton Salvation Army is the community church which operates “open doors” to all that need assistance. This means that support is given in any way that is possible and each individual is listened to and supported based on their own personal needs. For Michael and Verity this is essential to being able to provide the right support in the short-term but also in making sure the right services are signposted to ensure that the individual has a long-term solution that can be self-sustained.

As well as the support offered to those in food poverty, the Swinton Salvation Army also provide support to those dealing with social injustice such as those fleeing persecution or those that have been victims of human trafficking. In these cases the charity works to help with accommodation, jobs, and access to services in the local area that allow individuals and families to get back on their feet.

If you would like to support Michael and Verity and the Swinton Salvation Army in the amazing work that they do in the local community, please contact them here:

  • 0797696599

The Mailing Room are proud to continue to support the Swinton Salvation Army and we will bring you further updates on their efforts on our CSR blog.

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