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At The Mailing Room we’re always looking at ways to improve your mailing, to make your job easier and your deliveries quicker. Our team will help you fly through the solutions, so why not get in touch to find out what is the best option for your business.

Quality Machines

Over the years, we have offered the full spectrum of quality franking machines for private, public and third sector customer bases, supporting each as a Royal Mail authorised inspector and maintainer of mailroom equipment. Latterly, following feedback from our clients and a strong track record of machine performance and reliability, we have refined our equipment choice to mainly Pitney Bowes machines, customised by us to meet our customer requirements and incorporate UK postal carriers and tariffs. As the makers of the original postage meter one hundred years ago, Pitney Bowes has long been a technological leader and is a name that you, and ourselves, can trust.

Franking Machines

Optimum Choice

We have applied the same selective criteria to other key items of mailroom equipment, from postal scales to professional document shredders, and arrived at a comprehensive range that we have complete confidence in and which we believe will give you many years’ reliable service. As you can imagine, this has afforded us tremendous in-depth experience of the machines and equipment we supply, enabling us to recommend the optimum choice for your particular mailing operation.

Mailroom Equipment

Business Mail Advanced (BMA)

All businesses that produce over 500 machine addressed letters of the same class and size on any day, can save money by using Business Mail Advanced via their franking machine. Along with savings on specific letter prices the Royal Mail also offer bulk discounts for businesses that mail from 1,000 to 25,000+ items a day.

In order to benefit from the available discounts, The Mailing Room will set up your Online Business Account (OBA) and obtain BMA licences from the Royal Mail, for use on your machine.

You then process your first and second class items as specified, placing them into the BMA boxes for collection by Royal Mail. Their sorting machines read the license number and check the letter for address accuracy during the postal process and allocate a discount on an item by item basis for every piece of your mail that is automatically sorted. Appropriate discounts are then refunded as a credit to your OBA.

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Hybrid Mail

Providing the benefits of a large print and distribution centre, without the associated costs, Hybrid Mail puts you in complete control of your mailing by allowing you to send mail directly from your computer. Simply create your mailing piece online, and it will be printed and despatched for delivery within two days from a regional mailing centre. You can upload anything from single letters to files of invoices and statements, or complete mailshot campaigns, all sent to your bespoke mailing lists.

  • Save Money by consolidating print, stationery and postage costs
  • Save Time by managing your mail design and fulfilment online
  • Brand Benefits with customisable templates and professional printing
  • Eco Friendly with reduced delivery miles and recycled paper commitment
  • Increased Sales as your business concentrates on creating the campaign
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