Mail Management

Improve the smooth running of your business and enhance customer service with our compliance-focused mail software solutions.

The Mailing Room’s mail management software options help to ensure the smooth running of every aspect of your postal process. The software removes any hiccups your postal process may have by formatting, address checking and introducing tracking barcodes during the very first phase of mailing.

We understand the desire of every business to improve customer service which is why our software is aimed at making sure your post arrives where it should, when it should, as well as giving significant returns on investment. For more information about the software options listed, simply call our team on 0800 977 8104. 

Planet Press – Print to Mail Software

What it does – Planet Press allows you to merge print data with electronic documents at high speed, from virtually any data stream prior to printing and production. Seamless integration means your business working efficiently and quickly.

SendSuite – Document Tracking System

What it does – SendSuite guarantees no mail is ever out of touching distance. Every mail item is tracked and can be observed real-time meaning you know precisely where it is in the delivery chain.

Bulk Mailer Address Management

What it does – Bulk Mailer makes it easy for your business to find the best postal solution and discount for you. The management system allows you to prepare Royal Mail, TNT Post or UK Mail compliant mailings faster and more easily.

Mail Accounting Systems

We know the importance of every penny spent in business, particularly in a busy post room. Our accounting system options allow you to monitor the costs of mail, packages and documents that flow in and out of your business meaning you can make the most of your postage. Meaning, not only can you monitor postage costs, but use this data to save money.

The detailed data provided by means that you can manage department budgets easily and effectively, whilst process and mail management improvements carried out can save your business up to 30% and boost the productivity across all departments.

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