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Building upon the success of our public sector market offering, we subsequently diversified into the private sector, drawing upon our product know-how, customer support experience and technical services package to establish our credentials. We are now competing in a sector that contributes around 84% to this country’s GDP, making it a very valued market.

Businesses are sending less letter mail than previously, but they are sending out a wide range of mail items, packages, padded envelopes, large envelopes and parcels, which need closer management to avoid overpaying on postage. Also, the digital economy has brought about an onrush of workplace deliveries of packages and parcels, which need to be accounted for internally. Modern digital mailroom options have been developed to manage these situations.

Online Retailers

Online retailers rely on digital channels to promote their business and receive customer orders, but need mail and courier services to complete the transaction with final delivery. Modern digital mailroom systems automate the weighing, franking and sealing of large envelopes and the printing of self-adhesive labels for packages and parcels, calculating the right tariff for the size and shape of each item. Even returned items can be logged with a package receiving application.

Small & Medium-sized Enterprises

SMEs and sole proprietors account for 99% of private sector businesses and 47% of turnover, so it’s important these enterprises thrive and trade profitably. Franking machines provide an economical way of paying for postage, calculating the exact amount for the weight and size of the item, and reduce the time it takes to get post out of the door, all bonuses for hard-pressed SMEs. They also mean no taking time out of work, queuing for stamps at the post office.

Large Organisations

The simplest way for large organisations to cut mailing costs is to switch from stamps to a franking machine. Royal Mail Mailmark-compliant machines like ours mean they will always select the cheapest option for franking mail. Of particular relevance to large organisations looking to promote their business, modern franking machines can print full-colour graphics, images and slogans across the width of the envelope, prompting recipients to open their mail and triggering an improved response rate.

Professional Services

Firms that offer professional services like lawyers, accountants, management consultants and property management, will value the image of professionalism, efficiency and reliability that is presented by a neat frank mark and company logo. Franking machines equipped with automatic mixed mail sorting can also handle the variety of documents, contracts, brochures and other items without overstamping or, worse still, understamping so the client pays the excess. There are mailroom solutions for all sizes of service firms.

“Very happy with the service received and how polite Simon was by calling me at the office to introduce himself and what he was able to do for me followed up by an email. A* customer service.”

Utilities Division, Amey

Tany O'Neill, Utilities Division, Amey

“Very good service thank you.

Many thanks for helping us out in an emergency, our franking machine is now fully topped up enabling us to send out our unusually large amount of mail!”

Bar Code Data

Julie Mannall, Bar Code Data

“We have been using The Mailing Room for a year now and have been extremely pleased with the level of service. Our main point of contact is Customer Services Coordinator, Ryan Towers, and he has always dealt with our queries professionally, promptly and efficiently.”

Stella Baker, Nationwide Interiors

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